Craving pho but it’s too hot outside? Get Goi Ga instead!

Ah, summer. The season of sun-soaked beaches, barbecues, and tropical fruits. But for those of us who are religious pho devotees, the blistering heat can sometimes dampen our noodle soup cravings. 🌞🍜The aromatic broth, those soft rice noodles, and the delightful dance of spices in every mouthful – it’s the comfort food we all cherish. But let’s face it, when the sun is blazing, and the air feels like it’s been borrowed from an oven, the thought of diving into a steaming bowl might not be so appealing. So, what does a pho lover do when the mercury rises? Enter Goi Ga! The answer to your summertime Vietnamese food dreams. At Pho Ga Vang, we have the perfect solution to satisfy your cravings. Curious? Let’s dive in!

Goi Ga – A Bite of Refreshing Summer

For the uninitiated, Goi Ga is a Vietnamese chicken salad that’s a delightful mix of shredded chicken, crunchy vegetables, aromatic herbs, and a tangy dressing. It’s the unsung hero of Vietnamese cuisine – lighter than pho but equally soul-satisfying.

What Makes Goi Ga the Perfect Summer Dish?

  1. Light & Fresh: A far cry from heavy, creamy salads, Goi Ga is feather-light. The fresh vegetables and lean chicken make it the ideal meal for those sultry days.
  2. Packed with Flavors: The secret behind Goi Ga’s unforgettable taste lies in its dressing. The combination of fish sauce, lime, garlic, and sugar creates a symphony of flavors that’s both tangy and sweet.
  3. Quick to Prepare: If you’re looking for a quick Vietnamese fix without the long hours of simmering a broth, Goi Ga is your go-to. At Pho Ga Vang, we serve it fresh, ensuring the crunch of the veggies and the tenderness of the chicken remain intact.

The Magic Behind Our Goi Ga at Pho Ga Vang

The Chicken: We believe that the secret to a perfect Goi Ga starts with the chicken. We poach it to perfection, ensuring it remains succulent.

The Veggies: Freshness is key. Crisp cabbage, julienned carrots, and onions are tossed together to form the crunchy base of our salad.

The Herbs: What’s a Vietnamese dish without a generous handful of herbs? Mint, cilantro, and perilla leaves bring a fresh aroma and a burst of flavor to our Goi Ga.

The Dressing: A harmonious mix of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and a hint of chili. It’s all whisked together to drench the salad in a pool of tangy goodness.

The Toppings: Crushed peanuts and fried shallots are sprinkled generously for that extra crunch and flavor.

Pairing Your Goi Ga

A dish as refreshing as Goi Ga deserves a drink to match. If you’re dining at Pho Ga Vang, might we suggest a tall glass of our chilled Vietnamese iced tea? Its slight sweetness perfectly complements the tang of the salad. If tea isn’t your thing, how about a creamy glass of boba? The combinations are endless!

Not Just a Summer Delight

While Goi Ga is perfect for summer, its lightness and zest make it a favorite all year round. Whether it’s a side dish or the star of your meal, Goi Ga promises to be an experience you’ll want to relive.

A Pho Ga Vang Promise

At, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic Vietnamese flavors to your plate. Our Goi Ga is no exception. Prepared with love, served with a smile, it’s our way of sharing a piece of Vietnam with you.

Wrap Up

So, the next time the sun’s rays feel a tad too harsh and you’re in the mood for something Vietnamese but not pho, remember Goi Ga is waiting for you at Pho Ga Vang. Fresh, flavorful, and fabulously light, it’s the dish you didn’t know you were missing out on!

To our dear Pho Ga Vang community, we say: Here’s to making summer more delicious, one plate of Goi Ga at a time! Cheers! 🥗🌞🥤

Note: Always eager to hear from our food family, do drop by our restaurant and order our Goi Ga, and let us know how you like it! Your feedback is the secret ingredient to our ever-evolving menu!

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